Resources from last night’s PDX SemWeb talk

Last night I gave a presentation at the Portland Semantic Web Meetup (“Goodbye, Semantic HTML!“. I touched on a lot of different aspects of embedding semantic references into HTML – past, present, and future. Below is a list of references to articles or tools that came up during the talk and discussion.


Microformats I’ve used:


Dublin Core Metadata (creators, copyright)

GoodRelations E-Commerce vocabulary (ontology)
GoodRelations Snippet Generator
GoodRelations Templates

How Best Buy Is Using The Semantic Web – an implementation of Good Relations in RDFa

HTML5 Microdata

Dive Into HTML5 on Microdata
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer: RDFa and HTML5′s Microdata
Microformats vs. RDFa vs. Microdata

Firefox Toolbars:

Operator (detects Microformats)
RDFa Developer (detects RDFa)

Jeffrey Zeldman’s Designing With Web Standards - a fantastic book for retraining you to think in terms of clean HTML and use CSS well.

Great XKCD cartoon on the current state of Higher Ed Web sites