FlexBuilder 3 for academia

Since FlexBuilder 3 was released last week, I decided to hunt around for the ‘free to academics’ offer and see if it applies to FlexBuilder 3. Here’s where it lives now:


Interesting things to note:

  1. It apparently does apply to staff too (woo!)
  2. You can request more than one license if you’re using it for a class or a lab. That will be a real time-saver.
  3. You have to scan your ID and submit it with the form. Uhh… scan? paper? I don’t have a scanner hooked up anywhere, so I took a photo of my ID with the iSight on MacBook Pro and tried that, thumb included free of charge.

The action page tells you to allow a few weeks for processing the request, but mine was approved the next day…. that’s service!

3 thoughts on “FlexBuilder 3 for academia

  1. Thanks so much for pointing to this post. I did the same workaround with my mac and my PSU ID. Guess we will see what we see. w00t!

  2. Just as a follow up, using my faculty/staff ID got me an approval within 48 hours, so it is definitely doable. Thanks for posting the link, Brian. I’ve sent the url to several folks already.

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