Adobe MAX ’07 Day Zero: Hands-on AIR for Flex Developers

Sitting in the hands-on session on AIR for Flex Developers. Things got off to a rocky start — the trial version of Flex Builder on my workstation was expired! What made this especially crazy is all of the workstations are imaged with VMWare Windows systems… why just me? We figured it out pretty quickly; somehow my system clock got set to September 2nd. uh, ooops.

- Brian P.

Which JVM for ColdFusion development on Mac?

I’ve been having a lot of UI freezes lately on my MacBook Pro. The system will lock up for 20-30 seconds, with mouse movement, but no responses to clicks or the keyboard.

I’m suspecting that this is something to do with CF 8 and/or Eclipse on Apple’s Java 1.5 JVM. The freezes happen most often when one or the other of these applications are running.

Things seem a whole lot better when I roll back to Java 1.4, but CFEclipse stops working.

I’ve also found references to running CF 8 on Java 1.6. Maybe that’s the next thing to try.