Going (Mac) Pro

Hoping to cut down on the amount of hardware on (and especially under) my desk, I managed to requisition a new Mac Pro workstation. I’ve adjusted fairly well to the “Intel Inside” brand of Mac-living — I’ve had my MacBook Pro since May. I’m generally pleased with Windows running under Parallels Desktop. I think I can finally decomission my Dell Dimension WinXP box and go completely virtual.

It’s also a lot harder to bruise your knees on a virtual machine.

Though several key vendors have yet to ship Universal Binary versions of their software, I’ve managed to muddle through okay thanks to the wonders of Rosetta, Java, and the Open Source world.

Since this system is a new start, I’m planning on blogging my efforts to get my development environment — ColdFusion, Parallels, SQL Server, MySQL, Eclipse — migrated from my trio of systems (Dell Dimension / Dual-G5 PowerMac / MBP) to the new box. Hopefully this will generate enough breadcrumbs to help blaze the trail for others who come after me.

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